Lauren Bacall’s last ever performance features on Family Guy tonight

The screen legend, who died in August, will voice a lascivious older lady who tries to seduce Peter in the series 12 opener of the animated comedy on BBC3

If you recognise the husky voice of guest character Evelyn in Sunday night’s new episode of Family Guy on BBC3, there’s a reason for that.


It’s screen legend Lauren Bacall in her final role before she sadly passed away last month aged 89.

Back in the Golden Age of Hollywood, Bacall was known for playing femme fatales – quite often opposite her husband Humphrey Bogart – in films like To Have and Have Not and The Big Sleep.

In the Family Guy season 12 opener Mom’s the Word, she’ll be sharing the soundtrack with regular voice talent Mila Kunis and the show’s creator Seth McFarlane, to play a lascivious older lady who attempts to seduce Peter.

Despite the distinct difference in tone between the filthy Family Guy and Bacall’s film noir past, it’s a rather fitting farewell performance – a modern twist on the forthright female characters she’s always played and a reminder that, back in the day, Bacall’s voice was as famous as her face.


Family Guy is on BBC3 at 10pm on Sunday 14th September