Kayvan Novak introduces the cast of his roving news show Britain Today Tonight

Hint: he plays them all


“100% Real News Guaranteed.” That’s the slogan of Channel 4’s new current affairs magazine show Britain Today Tonight – although you probably shouldn’t take it at face value.


Kayvan Novak’s new series sees him return to his Facejacker roots, playing a string of characters – young and old, male and female – who populate the studio, and roving reporter roles, of a news programme that tackles UK issues but with a distinctly US influence.

In this exclusive clip, Kayvan introduces us to some of the regulars, including Security Correspondent Jon Donovan, Investigative Reporter Ken Kildoon, Lifestyle Reporter Mandi Manners, Special Correspondent Peter P Powers, Entertainment Correspondent Mike Armenian and, of course, nine-time Pulitzer Prize-winning host Douglas “Digger” Daley…

Britain Today Tonight will also see Kayvan playing numerous other characters as the team goes out and about to meet real, unsuspecting, members of the British public…


Britain Today Tonight starts with a double bill on Channel 4, on Friday 5th May at 10pm