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Karen Gillan to appear in Charlie Brooker cop spoof A Touch of Cloth

The outgoing Doctor Who companion will star in the third instalment of the Sky1 police parody logo
Published: Wednesday, 15th August 2012 at 10:17 am

Karen Gillan is to appear in Charlie Brooker's Sky1 cop spoof A Touch of Cloth, the actress herself has revealed.


The comedy, which debuts on Sky1 over the August Bank Holiday weekend, is a Naked Gun-style parody of overblown serial-killer dramas such as Luther and Messiah, with John Hannah and Suranne Jones sending themselves up in the lead roles.

The series is being broadcast as feature-length, self-contained stories shown in two parts. A second story has already been filmed. Gillan will appear in the third, which airs on Sky1 in 2013.

A Touch of Cloth 2 is set to feature John Hannah's character, DCI Jack Cloth, going under cover in an effort to foil a heist.

"In the third one," Charlie Brooker told Radio Times, "we're back to murder but it's very close to home. 'Things just got personal' is the phrase. In the second one they're constantly saying, 'You've forgotten which side you're on!' In the third one it's 'Things just got personal!'"

Brooker, who said shooting on A Touch of Cloth 3 was about to begin, revealed that it would see Suranne Jones's character, DC Anne Oldman, battling alcoholism: "We've given her a drink problem, because that's the sort of thing that happens."

No details are known yet about Gillan's character.

Karen Gillan's last appearance as Amy Pond in Doctor Who, in the fifth episode of the upcoming new series, will be broadcast on BBC1 this autumn.


A Touch of Cloth series one is available on DVD now.


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