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John Oliver responds to Jack Warner's reply to John Oliver's take down of the Fifa official

Are you keeping up with this epic and dramatic YouTube feud? Well, John Oliver's just raised his game... logo
Published: Tuesday, 16th June 2015 at 10:30 am

Well, this escalated quickly. Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has a new nemesis in former Fifa vice president Jack Warner, and YouTube is the battleground for these bitter football foes.


So, why has the Brit comedian sent a video message to Warner, underscored with moody music and a fiery pyro backdrop? Well...

Oliver kicked off this YouTube spat by taking out ad time on Trinidad and Tobago TV, mocking Warner and urging him to keep his promise and release an "avalanche" of files related to the Fifa corruption scandal. That's here.

Warner didn't see the funny side.

Instead, the ex-Fifa man, charged with corruption and faced with extradition to the US, managed to find the time to bite back with his own message to John Oliver, calling him a "comedian fool", mistaking him for an American (well, it is a US show), and employing epic and dramatic music to make his point. Here.

But the "comedian fool" wasn't done yet, oh no. As well as finding the source of Warner's "epic and dramatic music", Oliver raised the stakes the only way he knew how: FIRE.

"To you, I say this, Jack: If you really want to continue to trade s**t-talking videos with increasingly high production elements, then consider your challenge accepted, my friend," Oliver said.

Then came the challenge: "Either respond to me by this time next week with a more spectacular video than this or I will I will accept your graceless defeat.” Last Week Tonight airs in the UK on Monday nights on Sky Atlantic, a day after the US broadcast.


Your move Jack Warner.


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