Jo Brand: There should be more older women on TV

The actress and comedian talks funny women and preparing telly for when she's 95

Jo Brand has said she wants to see more older women on the telly.


Speaking to, the well-loved comedian and actress said “I’d like to see more TV with older women in it.”

She then went on to add: “I’m just trying to put in place so that when I’m 95 there’s something on that I like!” So TV’s got forty years to get its act together, or it’ll have Jo Brand to answer to!

Brand, who rose to fame as an outspoken and bolshy stand up star and has since co-written and starred in hit NHS comedy Getting On, also said: “I think it is getting better, and I’m not saying I don’t want to see stuff with older men in it as well. I think the thing is a lot of much older people watch TV and they don’t get anything that’s suitable for them.”


The 55-year-old comedian is currently fronting a new panel show, Jo Brand’s Great Wall of Comedy, which looks back at the best comedies and sitcoms of the last forty years.