Jennifer Saunders says there’ll be no more Absolutely Fabulous: “That. Is. It.”

According to the star, the film sequel was the last of Patsy and Eddie


If you thought that the Absolutely Fabulous revival movie earlier this year was the start of a new age for the iconic 90s comedy, then we have some bad news for you – because series creator Jennifer Saunders says we’ll be seeing no more adventures for sozzled PRs Eddie (Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley).


“I’m not doing anything more with Ab Fab. That’s it,” Saunders told the Daily Mail. “That. Is. It. I can’t see the point of doing anything else with it, really.

“It just takes so long. There’s lots of other stuff I’d like to do. Plus I’d like to spend time with my grandchildren. So, if I did Ab Fab as well that would just stop me doing anything new, or thinking of any other ideas or having a different job or whatever.”

And don’t expect her to change her mind a few years down the line…

“What? Ha! If someone suggested Ab Fab: The Musical?” she went on. “We’d be so old. This is like taking geriatrics out now.”

Still, that isn’t to say we won’t be seeing more Saunders on our screens sometime soon. While she describes reports that she and longtime comedy partner Dawn French could take over The Great British Bake Off as “complete bollocks”, she says she is planning a new comedy sitcom with a very contemporary feel.

“Gentrification. Hipsters versus the old East End, that sort of idea. I always wanted to do a Rising Damp-style sitcom about a house full of people, of all sorts,” she said.


Sounds…well, pretty fabulous, darling.