Jennifer Saunders: Joanna Lumley made me write Absolutely Fabulous film

The first draft of the sitcom movie is in. Now it's Joanna Lumley's turn to "buckle down"...

Jennifer Saunders has revealed that while she was the one who was tasked with writing the Absolutely Fabulous movie screenplay, it was her co-star Joanna Lumley’s idea to do the film in the first place.


“I think I have everyone back on board,” she said when asked whether the original cast would be coming back for the film. “It was Joanna’s idea, so she will have to buckle down. She’s the one who told me I had to write it, so it’s all her fault!”

Ab Fab first hit TV screens 23 years ago. Saunders previously said that making the jump to the big screen was her New Year’s resolution for 2015, and she is still aiming to have the comedy done by 2015.

Yet even though a first draft is finished, there is still a lot more work to do.

“I haven’t finished writing the script. I’ve put in a first draft, but it needs a huge amount of work still,” Saunders said. “I’m busy re-writing. I wouldn’t say it’s ready yet, but I am planning to get it done this year.”


Lumley and Saunders will be reunited on screen much earlier than planned, however. The two will be competing against each other in The Great Comic Relief Bake Off on Wednesday 11 February, along with singer Lulu and Dame Edna Everage.