Jennifer Aniston: Friends reunion could happen when we are “much older”

The former Friends star says she thinks the cast of the hit New York-set sitcom should reunite for "Golden Friends"

Jennifer Aniston has opened up about a potential Friends reunion, saying she thinks Rachel, Ross, Joey and co should reunite when they are “much older.”


Since the hit sitcom ended 10 years ago, rumours have been rife that an on-screen reunion – or even a Friends movie (which we are fairly sure won’t happen, by the way…) – is on the cards, though the cast have largely dismissed any speculation about reprising their popular roles.

But now it seems there is light at the end of our Friends-free tunnel.

Speaking to Graham Norton, Aniston, who played Rachel Green between 1994 and 2004, said: “At this point I honestly think we should just wait until we are really much older and have ‘Golden Friends.’ Then you wouldn’t have the comparison.”

It sounds like a good plan to us. Joey hitting on his fellow care-home inhabitants and Phoebe running an alternative therapy centre for OAPs while Monica and Chandler deal with life as grandparents. But if Friends ever does return to our telly screens, we can be sure of one thing: Aniston won’t be sporting The Rachel, blue-rinse or otherwise. 

Sure, her bouncy locks were only around during the early nineties but the power of the iconic hairdo endures. Just not for Aniston, who calls the choppy shoulder-length bob “hair hell.”

“I only had that style for a season and then it was gone. That baby had some legs!” she tells Norton.

“My hairdresser was loaded when he gave me the hair cut. He had a great time with the blow-dryer but didn’t think that I would have to do it myself. He then leaves me with a round brush and hairdryer. I didn’t know what I was doing. It was hair hell!”


Aniston appears on The Graham Norton Show, tonight at 10:35pm on BBC1