Jason Bateman on Arrested Development: I’m looking forward to playing Michael Bluth many more times

The star of the show says he thinks there will be even more of the Bluth family after season 4 hits Netflix on Sunday

On Sunday, Arrested Development fans will be rewarded for a patient seven-year wait when season 4 drops across the globe on Netflix.  15 new episodes will bring us bang up to date with the Bluth family’s incredibly dysfunctional world, and continue to bemuse and amuse us in equal measure. 


But will this be the final chapter for the show after the streaming service enabled it to rise like a phoenix from the flames? Well, no, not if Jason Bateman has got anything to do with it…

“I think it’s highly likely that act two and act three will be delivered to the public. In what format, in what medium, remains to be seen,” Bateman, who plays Michael Bluth, told Rolling Stone. “I look forward to doing many, many more episodes or efforts. I guess. I don’t know whether they’re gonna be long form or short form, whatever. I’m looking forward to playing Michael Bluth many, many more times.”

Arrested Development first aired on Fox in the US in 2003, running for two seasons before being axed halfway through the third run in 2006.  A critics’ favourite it helped reignite the career of Bateman, and gave a huge boost to the careers of Michael Cera, Will Arnett, David Cross, Portia de Rossi and Tony Hale. 

There had long been a rumour of an Arrested Development movie before Netflix announced it was reuniting the cast for one season last year.


Season 4 will air from 08:01am in the UK on Sunday 26 May exclusively on Netflix