James Corden’s Smithy runs for FIFA President

It's a big tracksuit to fill


Sport Relief might celebrate the best of running, jumping and other PE lessons, but FIFA is in a bad way. The football association is currently mired in scandal and allegations, and needs a new leader to replace the outgoing Sepp Blatter.


Lucky Smithy is here.

James Corden reprised his Gavin & Stacey character for a mock presidential campaign video, where it seems the rush of power might have gone to the usually happy-go-lucky Essex lad’s head.

Surprisingly for a video that requires professional sports figures like Steven Gerrard, Sir Geoff Hurst and José Mourinho to deliver punchlines, it’s not that painful. Plus, it’s introduced by Pele, which easily makes it 200% better.


Watch the skit here, and donate to Sport Relief here. Sport Relief runs from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March this year.