Jack Whitehall's school set comedy Bad Education is coming to a close tomorrow night.


The BBC3 sitcom, starring Sarah Solemani, Mathew Horne and Harry Enfield, will air its final ever episode, seeing Alfie Wickers' Form K leave Abbey Grove for pastures new.

The series three finale will be the show's last - "It felt like the right time to wrap it up... Things can go stale if you do too many of them" - though Whitehall's comedy won't be slipping away quietly.

"Half of [the final episode] is kind of the same knock-about Bad Education craziness, which was fun to film, and then there's this slight gear shift where the goodbyes happen at the end," Whitehall told RadioTimes.com.

"I enjoy watching shows that sort of side-foot you every now and again. In fact, doing Fresh Meat, one of the things I kind of admired about the writing on that was their ability to kind of mix dramatic moments and moments of real pathos with crass, purile comedy," adds Jack.

Which is definitely what Bad Education does in its final half an hour, as Alfie says farewell to his first class of students...

"We always wanted to make it a little bit more dramatic. I feel like I have to work harder to do that kind of acting than I do sort of just pratting around so it was more challenging and also genuinely quite sad."

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So did Whitehall shed any real tears during filming?

"Yeah, I did actually. It was really sad. It is the end of a moment."

And we're sure emotions will be running high as the episode airs tomorrow night too.

"We are all going to meet up and watch this last episode. They are all going to come round to my house and have a sort of, I don't know, party? It probably won't be a party - it'll probably be more like a wake! There will be some dodgy snacks laid out and everyone will get really emotional..."


Bad Education ends Tuesday at 10:00pm on BBC3