Is Brendan O’Carroll writing a sequel to Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie?

The creator and star of the BBC sitcom - who won the best comedy prize at last night's National Television Awards - drops hints of a follow-up to his upcoming film...

When it came to naming Mrs Brown’s first outing on the silver screen, creator and star Brendan O’Carroll drew inspiration from his much-loved character’s strong Irish accent… 


The result? Mrs Brown’s Boys’ D’Movie which hits cinema screens in the UK this coming June. But when caught up with O’Carroll, he dropped a major hint about a possible follow-up to the upcoming film… 

Speaking backstage at last night’s National Television Awards, after scooping the prize for best comedy, O’Carroll responded to our playful questioning about his aptly-named big screen debut. “We’re already working on a sequel – Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie 2,” he quipped in response. Now, whether that was a dose of O’Carroll banter or a genuine announcement remains to be seen, but we’re sure there’s plenty of demand from Mrs Brown’s Boys’ loyal army of viewers for a follow-up.

After it was voted British viewers’ favourite comedy – ahead of Miranda, Derek and The Big Bang Theory – O’Carroll went on to sum up why the show commands such huge audiences for BBC1. “I think there’s a warmth in it,” he said. “Regardless of what Mrs Brown says or doesn’t say, I think it’s safe. And I think we’re at a time where we’re in a recession, there’s a lot of people out of work and times are tough for people who aren’t working. And when people get scared and unsure, they get nostalgic and we provide that nostalgic.”

And while D’Movie is taking up most of d’comedian’s time at d’moment, he reassured us he will continue making his television sitcom. “I don’t know if it will be 2015 but there will definitely be another TV series. As long as the BBC will keep taking stuff off me, I am going to keep writing for them.”

He added, “As soon as the movie is out and running, we will have a better idea of what kind of schedules we are going to have.”