Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi bicker in Vicious trailer

The second series of the ITV comedy about a warring gay couple begins later this month

Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi are finally back as Freddie and Stuart, an elderly couple who have lived together in their Covent Garden flat for half a century – and judging from the trailer their relationship is as tempestuous as ever.


It’s been two years since the first series of the ITV comedy, which received mixed reviews. While some enjoyed the 70s feel, others thought Vicious hopelessly old-fashioned and some even branded it homophobic.

McKellen was subsequently critical of his own performance, telling Radio Times he’d over-acted for the live studio audience.“If people thought it was a rather over-the-top performance, they were right.”

Frances de la Tour is also back as flighty neighbour Violet, while Iwan Rheon plays handsome young Ash, Marica Warren is dotty Penelope and Philip Voss as razor-tongued Mason.


Vicious will return to ITV later this month