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"I hope I'm not fired!" Clayne Crawford responds to reports he'll be replaced for Lethal Weapon series three

The actor, who recently apologised for his behaviour on the set of the action comedy, says he has not yet heard from Fox or Warner Bros

Published: Wednesday, 9th May 2018 at 4:29 pm

Lethal Weapon star Clayne Crawford has responded to reports he will be replaced for the show’s third series.


Crawford, who plays co-lead character Martin Riggs alongside Damon Wayan’s Roger Murtaugh, has been reported by several outlets to have been fired from the action-comedy reboot with producers already rumoured to be scouting out a new actor to take his place.

Crawford has not confirmed or denied the reports but made reference to the story on his Instagram account with a picture of himself shrugging and the caption: “When everyone seems to know your future but you. No word from Fox or Warner Bros."

He added: “I hope I'm not fired!! Dang.”

The Hollywood Reporter writes that, according to sources, multiple actors have been offered Crawford's role for a potential third season.

Crawford has come under recent criticism for his conduct on the set of Lethal Weapon and recently apologised for two incidents – one in which he became angry with what he believed were unsafe working conditions and another where he was directing an episode and another actor was hit by a piece of shrapnel from an effect.

His original apology on Instagram in April, below, explains that he met with human resources and completed studio-appointed therapy, while also sharing a "sizable portion" of his paycheck with “one of the parties involved”.

"I absolutely love, respect and care for my crew and cast, and would never intentionally jeopardise so many jobs," Crawford wrote. "I an incredibly sorry if my passion for doing good work has ever made anyone feel less than comfortable on our set, or feel less than celebrated for their efforts.


“Furthermore, I apologise to all the crew and cast for any negative attention Lethal Weapon is receiving because of these incidents."

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