How to Get Ahead in Comedy… buy Jimmy Carr’s giant bonce

Mega-sized replica of the controversial comedian's noggin could be yours - bidding starts at a mere £3000

Some people have accused Jimmy Carr of being arrogant in the past, but he’s really just big-headed…


Sorry. Anyway, with that creaking pun out of the way, here’s an offer we can’t imagine anyone with £3000 to spare and an empty back garden could possibly refuse: the chance to own a huge replica of the tax-sceptical comedian’s head.

Standing 13 feet tall and measuring 11 feet wide, this huge model of the 10 O’Clock Live host’s bonce is currently being auctioned by its owner Paul Johnson, who wants to donate any proceeds he makes from the sale to a good cause.

‘’With all this stuff in the press about Jimmy’s tax affairs, we thought it would be nice to try and flog it on eBay to make a few bob for charity,’ said the Preston native.

Far from being merely ornamental, Carr’s head boasts a movable jaw, a back door and room inside for ten people. Just think – if you owned this, you really could throw a party in your mouth to which everyone’s invited.

Alas, no bids have thus far been made and the auction is due to close in four days time so if you fancy owning this one-of-a-kind model, which found fame in a Walkers crisps ad in 2011, you’d best act now…


See the head in action below: