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How I Met Your Mother series 9 premiere: what to expect from the Mother

Reviews are in from the US for the first episode of the final series and the Mother has finally been met. And guess what? She’s “adorkable” logo
Published: Tuesday, 24th September 2013 at 11:10 am

SPOILERS! How I Met Your Mother’s first episode of the last series has reached America.


Yes, nine series in and we’re finally going to get to know the Mother (Cristin Milioti) and see how she goes from being under that bright yellow umbrella to being the love of Ted Mosby’s (Josh Radnor) life.

The final series will focus on the 55 hours before Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) and Barney Stinson’s (Neil Patrick Harris) wedding, so there’s a lot of small stories packed around the main event of finding out about the Mother.

Indeed, will Barney and Robin actually make it down the aisle? Will Marshall (Jason Segel) tell Lily (Alyson Hannigan) he’s been offered a job as a judge? Will Lily still go to Italy if Marshall doesn’t?

All will be revealed. But let’s get back to that Mother…

The Mother

Well, the critics are very excited about the Mother. And thank goodness for that really, given we’ve waited so long to meet her.

There’s been snippets of the Mother and Ted’s future together as we’ve gone along. Yet never the Mother herself.

We’ve had the tiniest glimpse of her ordering a ticket to Farhampton, where we’ve seen her standing with that umbrella.

Now, as is the show’s way, she’s about to meet everyone and anyone involved in Ted’s life on her route to finally (FINALLY) meeting him.

We're yet to learn the Mother’s name (after all this is a series built on never revealing the whole story), but we do learn the Mother’s nickname for Ted and his slow driving ways: Lady Tedwina Slowsby.

Oh yes, she’s a funny one.

On initial scenes of Lily on a train with the future Mother, E! Online says, “We now know that the Mother shares a number of dorky similarities with unknown soul mate Ted. We knew that fans would get a chance to get to know the Mother, but we were thrilled to see a tear-jerking flash-forward at the end of the episode that showed us just how perfect these two people are together.”

IGN adds, “My first thought here? Move over Zooey Deschanel, there’s a new ‘adorkable’ girl in town,” adding, “Some fans have pointed out Milioti’s striking resemblance to Alyson Hannigan, which is admittedly a bit awkward at first (especially seeing them both side by side). That said, I think the Mother’s unique personality will be enough to differentiate her from Lily, having now seen Milioti in action. She definitely has a quirkier quality about her that’s not seen in Lily or Robin.”

Indeed, would have rather seen the final episode from the perspective of the Mother, with a final reboot entitled: How I Met Your Father. “But just think of the possibilities for all the missed connections that we could finally see from the Mother’s perspective! We’ve had hints throughout the show about her roommate and her time at Columbia; instead of repeating these tidbits, flesh them out! What better way to do that than to have her story integrated into the show, instead of just throwing her in at the end?”

Well, we'll have to wait and see. We're sure it'll be legend...oh, wait. Apparently Barney doesn't do that anymore. We've got SO much to learn.

How I Met Your Mother repeats continue today on E4



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