Henry VIII goes on First Dates to find a second wife in new Horrible Histories sketch

Fred Sirieix is the ultimate wingman to Britain’s Tudor monarch


“I’m really happy. I could really lose my head for this one,” a blushing Anne Boleyn tells the First Dates camera crew after her rendez-vous with King Henry VIII. 


A new series of Horrible Histories is back on CBBC later this month, and kicks off with a sketch of Henry VIII (comedian Tom Stourton) looking for love, with the help of First Dates Maître d’ Fred Sirieix. Anne Boleyn is played by the incredibly versatile Gemma Whelan, of Game of Thrones and The Moorside fame.

When Henry strides into the restaurant, he sees Boleyn seductively eating an olive and his reaction is: “Fit.”

He sheepishly tells Boleyn he’s married already – we’ve heard worse on the real First Dates – and when she suggests he divorce Catherine of Aragon, he says: “The problem is, I’m a massive Catholic, and we don’t really do divorce? Plus she hasn’t really done anything wrong in the 17 years we’ve been together. 

“It’s tricky. It’s a little bit tricky. It’s tricky.”


The new series of Horrible Histories starts on CBBC 24 July.