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Harry Hill's TV Burp to end in 2012?

Reports claim that comedian has turned down £1m pay increase to continue making the show logo
Published: Thursday, 29th September 2011 at 10:00 am

It looks as though Harry Hill’s TV Burp may come to an end in 2012, when the comedian’s contract with ITV expires.


According to The Sun, Hill turned down a £1m pay rise to continue hosting the show, which would have brought his salary to £4m.

The father of three is said to have found TV Burp’s punishing schedule too great a strain on his private life.

Hill outlined his exhaustion with the series in June, saying: "It is a drag. One year I did 21 shows — most series are only eight. At the end of it I was completely mental.

"I do dread making the show. Watching TV is all-consuming.”

But despite the paper’s claims, there has been no official confirmation that the programme will end in 2012.

A spokesperson for Harry Hill and Avalon, the production company behind TV Burp, said: "Harry has a lot of commitments in the next year, but a final decision has not yet been reached and everyone is very much looking forward to the upcoming series"

An ITV spokesman said: “Harry Hill’s TV Burp returns to ITV1 for a new series next week, with a further series in early 2012. We have a great relationship with Harry and look forward to this continuing.”

Harry Hill launched TV Burp, an irreverent TV analysis show, in 2002 on ITV1, it has since won three Baftas.




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