Girls season 6 trailer sees Lena Dunham and Adam Driver return for one final chapter

First full look at the final season of the hit US comedy


It’s the show that made Lena Dunham a star and launched Adam Driver Star Wars-bound, but HBO’s Girls is finally finishing.


However, not before its sixth season, following Hannah, a Brooklyn-based self-absorbed creative type, doing what she does best: fighting and making up with her friends while attempting to become at least “a voice of a generation.”

And although we see her applying for a job writing about surfing in the trailer (despite “hating and maybe being allergic to sand”), she hasn’t given up on the dream yet – we also get a glimpse Hannah furiously typing on the keyboard, attempting to “write stories that make people feel less alone than I did”.

Also, expect to see glimpses of Marnie struggling to handle both Desi and Ray, and Shoshanna and Elijah shunning Jessa thanks to her relationship with Adam (played by Adam Driver).


Season six of Girls starts on HBO on February 12