Gilmore Girls’ Lauren Graham teases Mighty Ducks role and plot details

The actress revealed that the ten-episode Disney+ reboot will focus on a new youth hockey team that rivals the Mighty Ducks

Lauren Graham

Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham has revealed further details about her central role in the upcoming Disney+ reboot series The Mighty Ducks.


Graham, best known for playing the fast-talking Lorelai Gilmore, will play Alex, a mother to a young member of the Mighty Ducks youth hockey team (which is now ultra competitive, in contrast to the original films).

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Graham revealed further details about the series, before adding that she learnt to ice skate for the part.

“When my agent sent it to me, he’s like, you seem to be choosing jobs according to what extracurricular activities you get to do. He was kidding, but he was like, how do you feel about skating? I [laughed], but then I read it and it’s so kind and funny,” she said.

She also revealed that in the series, her character Alex’s son Evan is dropped from the Mighty Ducks, prompting Alex to start a new youth hockey team.

“Emilio [Estevez, who starred in the original films] is in the show and he’s fantastic, but the twist is that my character becomes a coach and she’s trying to create a world for her kid that is kinder and more fun and where the world of sports has gone since the early Mighty Ducks movies,” she said. “It just was really funny and warm and a great character. And I love 10 episodes. It feels already like you’re doing a longer movie.”

She continued: “They envision this series as each year is sort of a different sports movie. Like, there’s maybe a winning season, there’s a losing season, maybe they go on the road, looking at those classic Disney movies, those classic sports movies. It’s a group of misfits, which I love, and it just really made me laugh and it has a lot of heart… And the kids are so cute and I’m learning to skate. Another skill to put on my resume!”


The series is set to air on Disney+ later this year.