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BBC One's Ghosts creators want a fourth series of the paranormal sitcom

There's plenty more to explore about the history of Button House and its ghostly inhabitants.

BBC One's Ghosts cast
Published: Friday, 18th December 2020 at 9:30 am

Good news, Ghosts fan! The sh0w's creators have plans for the sitcom beyond its third series, which is expected to premiere on BBC One next year.


The show found immediate success following its debut in 2019, prompting the BBC to order two additional series as well as a Ghosts Christmas special (which airs later this month).

Work on the third series is well underway with the scripts close to completion and filming intended to start in early 2021, but there is no intention for Ghosts to end there.

Speaking to, co-creator and star Ben Willbond explained that the writing team have enjoyed delving into the unfortunate origins of the ghouls roaming the grounds of Button House. (Read more about where Ghosts is filmed.)

However, there has been some uncertainty over whether to save some of the storylines for a potential fourth series, which is yet to be commissioned by the BBC.

"If the BBC want more then we’ve got to hold back a little bit more, if they don’t want more then [we've] got to go ‘right, all in, let’s finish this’. That’s the hard thing," Willbond explains.

But it seems that the comedy troupe, who previously worked together on CBBC's Horrible Histories and Sky One's Yonderland, would certainly seize the opportunity of another run if it were to come along.

Willbond continues: "It would be lovely because I think this time around in the writing process, as we unearth more, you just go ‘oh wow, we could do that in series four, but we haven’t got a series four!’.

"It’s a nice feeling when you go, ‘actually we’ve got a lot of road here creatively’. It’s a nice prospect, but you are just beholden to whether the BBC want more or not. It’s a really hard thing to contend with."

Charlotte Ritchie plays Alison in Ghosts series 2 (BBC One)

The second series of Ghosts premiered in September and is available to stream as a box set on BBC iPlayer, while the Christmas special will air on Wednesday 23rd December.

The brand new episode follows the festivities at Button House, as Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) attempts to keep all the ghosts happy and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) contends with having his family stay over.

While experiencing the chaos of family life for the first time since he died, Julian Fawcett MP (Simon Farnaby) thinks back on his time among the living and the mistakes he made along the way.


The Ghosts Christmas special airs on BBC One on Wednesday 23rd December at 8:30pm. While you're waiting, check out our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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