Were Ross and Rachel really on a break? Cast your vote in our Friends poll

Friends star David Schwimmer has delivered his verdict on one of the sitcom's biggest debates – now it's time for you to have your say on the will-they-won't-they couple.

Rachel and Ross in Friends

Much-loved sitcom Friends, which turned 25 last year, has cemented many moments within pop culture history, from ‘The Rachel’ haircut to Joey’s catchphrase “How you doin'”.


Arguably one of the most memorable trademarks of the comedy however has to be the will-they-won’t-they romance between Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) and Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) and their infamous ‘We Were On A Break’ debate.

The discussion of whether Ross did in fact cheat on Rachel when he slept with a woman he met in a bar after believing their relationship was over has been a divisive topic for Friends fans over the years, however Friends star Schwimmer has finally weighed in on the debate.

The actor, who played Ross in the sitcom, told Jimmy Fallon on his late night show that the iconic couple “were on a break”, adding, “It’s not even a question.”

But what do you think? Were Ross and Rachel in fact “on a break”, meaning that Ross didn’t actually cheat on Rachel as they were no longer together? Or were they still in a relationship, meaning that Ross should have stayed faithful to her despite their argument?

In the episode, Rachel tells Ross, “Maybe we should just take a break,” to which Ross replies, “OK fine, you’re right. Let’s take a break, let’s cool off, let’s get some frozen yoghurt or something.” She then clarifies, “No, a break from us.”

Vote in our poll to decide once and for all whether Ross and Rachel were on a break or not.


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