Friday Night Dinner is back more more silliness, sibling rivalry – and squirrels

Better check that glass of tap water isn't full of salt...


Hello Bambinos. It might technically be Wednesday but Friday Night Dinner is back – and it looks as brilliant as ever.


Channel 4’s ‘family’ comedy is returning for a fourth series and we can expect extra portions of squirrel, a healthy spoonful of silliness and a side of nakedness.

What can we expect from series four?

Well, “Jonny comes back from Las Vegas with a wife, Adam is left stranded outside in only his pyjama top – and no pyjama bottoms, Dad invites a friend over who speaks with his eyes closed, Mum is forced to pretend her mother has just died, neighbour Jim – who’s terrified of his own dog – gets a cat, and ’Horrible Grandma’ returns for more horribleness.”

That enough for you?


Friday Night Dinner returns to Channel 4 on Friday 22nd July