Frankie Boyle working on Weekly Wipe-style show on Scottish Independence

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival the controversial comedian revealed he is working on a show for BBC iPlayer

Frankie Boyle and his brutal sense of humour used to be a fixture on British TV, especially as a panellist on Mock the Week, but in recent years television fans have seen less of him.


Well, don’t call it a comeback, but the drought appears to be over. Appearing at the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival to give ‘The State of the TV Nation Address,’ he announced a number of upcoming projects.

“I’m doing Live at the Apollo next month [and] I’ve got a stand up spot planned, a sort of Live at the Apollo version of that kind of show for Scottish independence,” he revealed, before announcing another Independence themed show: “I’m working on an iPlayer pilot for the referendum which is a bit like Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe or something like that, but we’ve not quite got into it yet.

Frankie Boyle recently marked his return to the BBC with an iPlayer-only comedy short, co-starring Bob Mortimer. Asked by interviewer Richard Osman if he enjoyed the increased freedom of the Internet, Boyle was noncommittal: 


“All I know is I’m doing a show online with iPlayer at the minute, and we’re told that the compliance is exactly the same.” At another point in the session, he described the BBC’s decision to make BBC Three online only as “the worst f*cking decision they could have possibly made.”