Flight of the Conchords duo to reunite for new HBO comedy

The pair behind "the almost award-winning, fourth-most-popular folk duo in New Zealand” are collaborating on a new project for HBO - but it is not a new series of Flight of the Conchords

It’s business time. Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, aka Kiwi comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, are working together again on a new four-part comedy for HBO. 


The as-yet-untitled show will be the first time the pair have been collaborated since their eponymous 2007 HBO music comedy, which saw them play a two-man band in New York trying to crack the music industry. 

Clement appeared to confirm the show in an interview with the Guardian, in which he said: “It was supposed to be this year but then we decided to put [his new film] What We Do in the Shadows out ourselves.”

Details of the new show are scarce (and not officially confirmed by HBO), and rumours that it is a third series of Flight of the Conchords have since been rubbished by Clement on Twitter.  

He did say in the Guardian interview, though, that a Flight of the Conchords reunion – primarily a film or more gigs –would be something he’d be up for in the future. 

“We talk about a movie every so often,” he said. “Sometimes it feels like we lost a lot of impetus over the last couple of years but we all want to do a musical. It would be good to do something all together, I miss playing Flight of the Conchords gigs.”


Flight of the Conchords last reunited for a successful New Zealand tour in 2012, which sold out in just ten minutes.