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Fast Show comedians poised for BBC2 reunion next year

The comic troupe is to reunite to help mark the channel's 50th birthday - and their own 20th anniversary - in 2014 logo
Published: Monday, 16th September 2013 at 3:41 pm

Comedy troupe The Fast Show are poised to reform to help BBC2 mark its 50th birthday next year, can reveal.


By a happy coincidence, The Fast Show also celebrates its 20th birthday in 2014, and its members are expected to come back together to talk about the hit show which gave the world catchphrases such as 'Suits You, Sir!' and characters such as Swiss Toni, Unlucky Alf and the 13th Duke of Wybourne.

However, the team are only likely to perform new and old material on stage, according to Fast Show alumnus Charlie Higson, who was part of the online return of the show in 2011 for 12 ten-minute episodes sponsored by Foster's lager.

Higson told “We are talking to [the BBC] about doing something. I suspect it will probably just involve getting together and talking about the show and not doing new sketches.”

But Higson – who currently writes a series of Young James Bond novels – has not ruled out a live reprisal of their best moments some time in the future.

He said: “We’ll probably get together and do something for the fans – not for TV but for the stage, like a two week residency in a London theatre, where people would be prepared to pay to watch us for one last time.” You heard it here first.

A BBC spokeswoman confirmed that “discussions are taking place but it’s still early days and there’s nothing concrete to announce so far”.

She did, however, reveal that there would be "a celebration of 50 years of groundbreaking comedy on the channel with a two-hour archive special, accompanied by a number of treats from some of the channel’s best-loved comedy legends”.



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