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Episodes series 4: What will happen next in the Matt LeBlanc comedy?

As Sean and Beverly finally flee LA in the series three finale, it looks as if something might drag them back for a fourth season... logo
Published: Wednesday, 9th July 2014 at 9:31 pm

So Sean and Beverly nearly made it out of LA and back to England in tonight’s series three finale of the hilarious Episodes.


They escaped the mad world of LA TV-land only for a phone call right at the end to – we would assume – call them back again.

There they were, standing on a London pavement enjoying their first bit of rain for ten months, when their phone started ringing. We knew what it was about – but they did not. And as it rang the episode ended…

Will they answer it at the beginning of series four and be told the terrible news that the network has commissioned six more episodes of the dire Pucks!, meaning that they will have to return across the Atlantic?

I rather think they will.

Because, let’s be honest, the cast have started reading for series four so we have to imagine that the characters played by Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan will be called back to the West Coast for another series of wacky, sex-fuelled, sun-drenched Hollywood madness. And I personally cannot wait.

Tonight’s episode was a corker. Programmes boss Castor Sotto (Chris Diamantopoulos) finally lost it – and so too did Matt LeBlanc, but in a slightly different way. Castor just went postal while poor Matt lost his dream acting gig because Michael Brandon’s deliciously-named network head Elliot Salad wanted to resurrect the god-awful Pucks! just to scupper the new NBC project Matt had set his heart on….

What a bastard. Thanks to Mr Salad, series four, unbelievably, looks like it could well open with the three of them making Pucks! again.

Still, there is a small chance that if they go back to LA, Sean and Beverly's other – better – script could get made. As we saw in tonight’s episode, it was the subject of a hilarious three-way bidding war between rival networks. We were also told that Susan Sarandon was interested, which would make for a pretty nifty guest role. Dame Judi’s name came up too – now wouldn’t that be a cameo-and-a-half?

I am also told that more scenes in series four will be filmed in England (all the interiors are already shot in Wimbledon, while only the exteriors are done in the US).

As for the timings, an Episodes spokeswoman assures me that the cast have begun their read-throughs already, which means we could be seeing series four on our screens as early as next year.


Given that we endured a Sherlock-style 18-month wait between series two and three that is definitely good news. Or at least, better news than the kind Sean and Beverly were about to hear when we left them…


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