Downton Abbey “returns” for Christmas… with a very naughty impersonation by Lord Grantham

Hugh Bonneville makes fun of his former co-star Elizabeth McGovern in Walliams & Friend. And he also does Lord Sugar...


Hugh Bonneville, Downton’s erstwhile Lord Grantham, has brought back the much-loved ITV drama. But not in the way you might think…


Bonneville delivers a fabulously naughty impression of Lady Cora – in full drag and getting Elizabeth McGovern down to a tee – in his turn on sketch show David Walliams & Friend next Tuesday (28th December).

In the sketch, Bonneville plays “Cora, Countess of Grantham” fronting an advertisement for a product called Pot Banquet – a ready meal which comes in a variety of flavours (such as shredded fox) and is served by pouring boiling champagne on it.

She is leading the campaign, you understand, because Downton has now closed its doors and she has more time on her hands.

No clips of pictures or the skit were made available so you will have to make do with our questionable mock-up (above) and a picture of another of Bonneville’s excellent impersonations – Alan Sugar.


In The Apprentice takedown, Bonneville’s Sugar sets his apprentices the most joyously ridiculously tasks.

Other sketches include his guide to dad dancing and an hilarious Australian stress reduction therapist called Guru Dave.


Walliams & Friend: Hugh Bonneville is on BBC1 on Tuesday December 27 at 10pm