Dom Joly: I nearly pranked David Cameron… before the PM’s bodyguards roughed me up

ITV prankster tells that he nearly managed to trick the Prime Minister with his ASBO vicar character from Fool Britannia

So near, and yet so far. Prankster Dom Joly has revealed that he nearly managed to hook Prime Minister David Cameron in a prank.


Joly, whose hidden camera show Fool Britannia is currently airing on ITV, said he spotted the PM at the Cornbury Festival last summer and nearly duped him on camera.

Cameron, says Joly was “buying silly hats for his kids” when the comedian and writer, dressed as his ASBO vicar character, approached the Premier and tapped him on his shoulder with the cameras running.

However the sight of a prosthetically made up cleric with anti social tendencies touching the PM was too much for Cameron’s Special Branch detectives who sprang into action – the security detail “went for” Joly and roughly ejected him from the tent.

“People were watching this and for most of them all they could se was some Special Branch detectives getting rough with a vicar and throwing him out of a tent at a rural event,” Joly told

“I like those things. They are exciting.”

ASBO vicar is the only character from series one to survive in the current series.

Joly added that the “three hours of prosthetics” means people hardly ever recognise him – he was only rumbled once in series once and twice in series two.

“When you are watching it you think you would get it and not be fooled – but not in the heat of the moment, you don’t think like that.

“Also I am miced up and am talking to the crew and I have developed quite a sense for people it will work with – and who it won’t. I can pretty much tell.”

Joly says he is keen to make a third series but is waiting to hear from ITV.