Disney’s Frozen headed for Broadway

After massive success at the global box office, Disney hopes to transfer its wintry animated film to the stage

Disney’s hit festive feature Frozen is to get a Broadway musical makeover.


The big-screen animated adventure, based loosely on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, is in the early stages of being adapted for the stage, Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed.

Iger was coy about how far along the plans are, not specifying a time frame, creative team or cast.

“We’re not demanding speed,” Iger told Fortune, “we’re demanding excellence.”

The Christmas hit has shattered all sorts of records. It had the most successful Disney animation debut and has garnered more than $669 million at the global box office, making it the second-highest grossing Disney animated film ever after The Lion King.

The film had already seemed destined for the stage, with a cast of Broadway veterans such as Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad providing the voices for the original animation. Robert Lopez, the mastermind behind the music for Tony Award-winning stage play The Book of Mormon, was part of the team that scored the film, although there has been no word yet on whether they will be joining the Broadway development.

Frozen tells the story of Anna, a feisty princess who sets off on a journey to find her sister Elsa, who has accidently plunged their kingdom into a permanent winter. Add a cute reindeer and a magical talking snowman, and Frozen proves to be pure Disney magic.