Derek finale: what we know so far

Ricky Gervais is closing the door on Broad Hill nursing home this December - but what can we expect from this one-off special?

It’s nearly time to say our goodbyes to Derek, Dougie, Hannah and Kev, as Ricky Gervais closes the door on Broad Hill nursing home. His Channel 4 series – which he’s described as “probably the least controversial show I’ve ever done” – aired its second run of episodes back in April and will conclude with a special later this year. Here’s what we know so far:


Just the one, then… 

This really is it, Derek fans. Despite admitting to it was the “first time ever” he’d considered a third series, Gervais confirmed in September that he had “decided to stick to my usual formula of two series and a special.” We saw it before with The Office and Extras and as we wave goodbye to 2014, we’ll also bid farewell to Broad Hill care home and its residents.

Festive fun

The final episode will air on Channel 4 this December. “Christmas seems a wonderfully fitting time for us to bid farewell to Derek, a show that truly celebrates generosity and goodwill,” confirmed head of comedy, Phil Clarke – although no word yet on whether the special will focus on the yuletide season.

Romance in the air…

But we do know that the finale will see Hannah’s (Kerry Godliman) relationship with Tom (Brett Goldstein) blossom after he accepts a job close to home. Meanwhile, Vicky (Holli Dempsey) finds her calling in the care industry, Kev (David Earl) realises the true meaning of family and Gervais’s Derek continues dating Tracey (Vicky Hall).


Ricky won’t be off our screens for long

Signing off from Derek, Gervais added, “I know that leaving something you love and starting something else is always the best thing to do creatively.” He’s certainly got plenty on his plate with the release of Night at the Museum 3 later this month, plus On the Road – a new movie based on his Office character David Brent – and Special Correspondents with Eric Bana, both of which he’ll write and direct. Suffice to say, he’s still a busy man.