Dawn O’Porter on taking husband Chris O’Dowd’s ‘O’

Forget taking the whole surname - Dawn just wants one letter

Documentary funny woman Dawn O’Porter has taken the idea of having a marital surname in whole a new direction. She doesn’t need husband Chris O’Dowd’s full surname – just his ‘O’.


Long have women struggled with the should-I-shouldn’t-I take my hubby’s surname debate. It’s a pretty important decision. It might not work with your first name, it might look strange written down, it might just not have the right ring to it. Look, it might just be a bad surname. But, Dawn told ITV’s Lorraine, she’s found her own way to solve the issue.

“I married an O’Dowd so I just took his ‘O’. He gave me his ‘O’,” Dawn explains. Sounds oddly rude, doesn’t it? At least she didn’t say anything about the ‘big O’ – then we’d all be in trouble.

Dawn has just released her first novel, Paper Aeroplanes, explaining, “It started off as a bit of a joke between us and then I had the book coming out and there was this moment when I did or didn’t become Dawn O’Porter. So we mocked up the cover with Dawn Porter and Dawn O’Porter and I was like, ‘It looks good’. I like the ‘O’.”

The ‘O’ isn’t the only thing Dawn has ‘taken’ from Chris – she’s pretty chuffed to be in his inner circle of glitzy events, too. Dawn admitted she found it a bit hard at first but says, “I realise we are so lucky we get to go to the best parties in town and hang out with our heroes all the time and it’s a really nice life. I’ve got nothing to complain about now, nothing.”


Apart from complaining on Twitter about looking like someone had “slept on [her] face” before going on air, it’s all rosy.