David Walliams charters helicopter for World Book Day tour

Schools can win the chance to be visited by the #WalliamsWhirlwind tour

Comedian turned children’s author David Walliams has announced that his next book tour will be by helicopter.


His publisher is inviting primary school teachers to enter a competition to be one of five schools Walliams will visit. The one-day tour will take place on World Book Day on Monday 5th March. To be eligible schools must be in England, Wales or mainland Scotland, and there must be enough space for the helicopter to land and take off: a securable area measuring a minimum of 150m x 50m.

Since publishing his first book in 2008, Walliams has become one of Britain’s bestselling children’s authors. Three have also been adapted by the BBC. The most recent – his debut novel about a cross-dressing 12 year-old, The Boy in the Dress – starred Jennifer Saunders and Walliams himself, with cameos from Gary Lineker and Kate Moss.

Walliams’ next book, The Queen’s Orang-utan, will be be in aid of Comic Relief.


How to apply for a flying visit from David Walliams on his World Book Day tour