Danny Devito confirms Eddie Murphy for Twins sequel

Devito will join original co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger and Murphy for a follow-up to the hit 1988 comedy

While rumours have long been circulating that a Twins sequel is set to reunite original stars Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger and add a third unlikely triplet in the form of Eddie Murphy, until now Murphy’s involvement has been just that – a rumour.


But after a chat with Devito himself, Radio Times can confirm that “Triplets” is on, and that Murphy will star alongside Devito and Schwarzenegger, who will reprise their roles as the long lost brothers of the original 1988 smash comedy.

“Arnold and I had a great time doing the original movie and we really dig each other, apart from our difference in politics,” said Devito. “So we’ve had positive meetings about doing the sequel and encouragingly we found we still really have a good time together.”

Asked about Hollywood rumours of Murphy’s involvement, Devito confirmed, “Arnold and I recently had dinner with Eddie Murphy and we all got along great so I think it will definitely happen with the three of us. Universal have taken the reins so it’s their movie. Whether it’s called Twins 2 or Triplets hasn’t been decided yet but I’d be up for doing it in a heartbeat. But I’m just so busy right now, I can’t say when.”

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