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What's your favourite moment in Dad's Army?

Help us to celebrate the 50th birthday of the classic sitcom by choosing the best moment from the show's history. Don't panic! You've got plenty of time to decide...

Published: Friday, 15th June 2018 at 2:37 pm

On 31 July Dad’s Army is officially 50 years old, and to celebrate, Radio Times needs your help for its nationwide poll!


We’re asking you to vote for your best moment in the series from the following 20 scenes – compiled in chronological order by RT’s experts.

From the greatest gags and one-liners to some of the comedy's more moving scenes, the list below shows exactly why Dad's Army remains one of Britain's best loved sitcoms.

There can be only one, however, so which do you think it should be? Voting closes on Friday 6 July, and the results will be published in the 28 July edition of Radio Times magazine.

Remind yourself of all the classic moments below, then head to the bottom of the page to vote for your favourite.

Herd the one about the pantomime cow?

Operation Kilt

During a training exercise, Frazer and Walker try to infiltrate a platoon of Highlanders by blending in with a field of cows. But a bull has other plans... Operation Kilt (March 1969)

"Ask your friends to have some tea"

Godfrey's Cottage

Godfrey’s sisters Dolly and Cissy try to keep calm and carry on as the Home Guard, fearing an invasion, commandeers their cottage and the bullets start to fly. The Battle of Godfrey’s Cottage (March 1969)

Hidden hero


Shunned after the revelation that he was a conscientious objector during WW1, Godfrey saves the life of Mainwaring, who later learns that Godfrey was actually awarded a military medal... Branded (November 1969)

Jones goes for a spin

Don't Forget the Diver

Attempting to capture a windmill that's being defended by the Eastgate platoon, the overenthusiastic Lance-Corporal Jones gets caught in the sails and then falls into the river... Don’t Forget the Diver (October 1970)

A brief encounter for the captain

Mum's Army 2

Mainwaring becomes romantically involved with Mrs Gray, a recruit to the women’s section, but to stop Walmington's wagging tongues she decides to return to London. Mainwaring is devastated... Mum’s Army (November 1970)

"Cardinal Puff-Puff"

Falen Idol

Away at a weekend training camp, Mainwaring falls foul of an officers’ drinking game and is told to “drain the glass”. So he does... all over Captain Square’s head. Fallen Idol (December 1970)

Warden in the water

Hodges in Battle of the Giants

The most spectacular of his many splashdowns sees a typically belligerent ARP Warden Hodges get pushed by Wilson from a bridge – into the river below. Battle of the Giants! (December 1971)

The day the balloon went pop

Mainwaring Battle School

“Good heavens!” exclaims Wilson when Mainwaring shoots a balloon from distance. “What do you mean, ‘Good heavens’?” asks the captain. Realising he was on target, he agrees: “Good heavens!” Battle of the Giants! (December 1971)

Hair today

Keep Young and Beautiful

To avoid joining the ARP, older members of the platoon take drastic measures. Wilson bursts out laughing at Mainwaring’s toupé, only to be told, “Watch it, Wilson, you might snap your girdle!”... Keep Young and Beautiful (October 1972)

Mystery woman revealed

Getting the Bird

When Private Frazer accidentally learns that Wilson has a daughter, who is in the Women's Royal Naval Service, he swears total and surprisingly heartfelt discretion. Getting the Bird (October 1972)

Pipe down, Frazer!

If the Cap Fits

Delighting at his captain’s imminent humiliation at a regimental dinner, where he's asked to play the bagpipes, Frazer is flabbergasted by Mainwaring’s secret skill. If the Cap Fits… (November 1972)

"Don't tell him, Pike!"

Deadly Attachment

A German U-boat captain asks Private Pike for his name to add to his ominous List. Mainwaring’s command backfires spectacularly. The Deadly Attachment (October 1973)

The special relationship

My British Buddy

Wilson suggests that a visiting US colonel will probably greet Mainwaring with the words, “Howdy partner, put it there.” Mainwaring replies, “Put what where?” My British Buddy (November 1973)

We're all wet, Mr Mainwaring!

The Royal Train

The platoon – and Hodges – lines up to salute the king’s train as it passes through the station, oblivious to the fact that they are standing next to a water trough. The inevitable occurs... The Royal Train (November 1973)

The green-eyed monster

The Honourable Man

Mainwaring is furious to learn that Wilson has become entitled, and is further incensed by an impromptu reception committee from Pike and his mother... The Honourable Man (November 1973)

The old empty barn

Gorilla Warfare

One night during a field exercise, the men bed down and brace themselves for one of Frazer’s long-winded ghost stories – but this one has a punchline. "There was nothing in it!" Gorilla Warfare (November 1974)

A stain on his character

Turkey Dinner

During a dinner for the town's OAPs, Pike tips gravy down Mainwaring’s best dinner jacket; Jones’s cover-up operation with a tin of white paint doesn’t quite go to plan. Turkey Dinner (December 1974)

"You stupid boy!"

When You've Got to Go

Pike finally comes clean during a call-up supper held for his benefit, revealing that due to his rare blood type, he won't now be joining the RAF. Mainwaring’s reaction is all about the delay... When You’ve Got to Go (September 1975)

"Old Po-Face is my brother"

My Brother and I

When bibulous novelty salesman Barry Mainwaring introduces himself to Frazer on a Walmington-bound train, the wily Scot is beside himself with glee at the prospect of his captain's fall from grace. My Brother and I (December 1975)

"To the Home Guard"

Never Too Old

Following Jones's wedding to Mrs Fox, an invasion alert takes the platoon to the sea front. Wilson suggests they make a toast to Britain’s Home Guard, breaking the fourth wall in the process. Never Too Old (November 1977)


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