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Dad builds incredible Ghostbusters wheelchair for son's Halloween

Who ya gonna call?

Published: Thursday, 20th October 2016 at 12:47 pm

One of the most tiresome things about 2016 is that you now can't see a picture of Slimer or a Proton Pack without holding your breath and praying a culture war isn't going to break out. But we can all agree this is great, right?


The ghostbuster at the wheel is Jeremy, and his dad Ryan Scott Miller built this incredible version of Ecto-1 around his wheelchair for Hallowe'en*.

Miller walked through some of the features:

"The Ecto-1 include working headlights, siren lights, tail lights and speakers for Ghostbusters siren and theme music! The roof rack includes yellow canisters, green canister, blue tubes, ladder, red probe, siren light, two speakers (one for the Ghostbusters siren and one for theme music), satellite dish and whatever the white & red canister is from the Ecto-1."

We are immensely jealous, but at least it's not something really awesome, like a Star Wars snowspeeder, right?

OK, we know what house we're Trick or Treating** this year.

*Known as All Hallows' Eve over here in the UK.


** Better known as 'guising' to Brits.


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