Courteney Cox set to star in ITV comedy series

The Friends actor is primed to play the lead in a new show about a healing retreat


Courteney Cox is going to London, baby!


The Friends actor is set to star in an ITV comedy called Truthing, in which she plays the leader of a six-day healing retreat.

The show centres around the “valiant efforts of its charismatic American founder and leader as she struggles to enlighten a fresh intake of truth-seekers,” report US insiders Deadline.

Work on the ITV series is apparently in its early stages but Cox would plan to executive produce and play the lead role in the show, with a pilot being filmed in 2017.


With Courteney Cox at ITV, it’s like Central Perk is moving to Britain. Matt LeBlanc’s here doing a spot of driving, Matthew Perry is doing a West End play… who’ll be over here next?