Count Arthur Strong will be coming back to BBC1.


The Corporation has commissioned seven more episodes of the Bafta-nominated comedy which sees Delaney reprise the role of the eccentric semi-retired ex-music hall performer alongside his long-suffering friend Michael (played by Rory Kinnear).

At the end of series two Arthur seemed to be closer to his longed-for fame, having got a job as a television psychic. The new episodes promise a continuation of his pursuit of stardom, no matter how much chaos he causes along the way, with Michael in tow, attempting to limit the damage – and hold on to his own sanity.

Steve Delaney added: "I'm thrilled, delighted and humbled that BBC1 have requested another series of Count Arthur Strong. Where do I sign? Quick, before they change their minds!”

Delaney’s co-writer, Graham Linehan, added: "Very happy to hear that Arthur, Michael and the gang will have more adventures. And we've got some crackers lined up for this series."

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BBC comedy controller Shane Allen said the Corporation had little choice but recommission the show.

"How could we resist bringing back this character comedy masterclass which blends the joyfully daft with skilfully inventive plotting. Series two really hit its stride and the move to BBC1 has brought the audience response we were hoping for. It's a privilege to be working with these writing and performing talents at the top of their game."

The character originated as a stage act before Delaney landed a Radio 4 series, Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show!

The TV series launched on BBC2 in 2013, moving to BBC1 for the second series where it broadcast at the beginning of this year.

The new series will film and air in 2016.


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