Could this be the new voice of Mr Burns and Ned Flanders?

Watch voice artist Brock Baker's impressive "audition" for Harry Shearer's Simpsons characters

If you need assurance that The Simpsons can continue without Harry Shearer, look no further. Voice artist Brock Baker has put forward a pitch to become the new voice of Mr Burns, Ned Flanders and many more – and it’s pretty darn good. 


Shearer – who has appeared on the hit animated comedy since its inception in 1989 – announced his departure last week, raising questions over just how The Simpsons would replace his string of iconic characters. Showrunner Al Jean has since confirmed his characters will be recast: “I think that he could be replaced, and if need be, will have to be,” he told Entertainment Weekly. Perhaps he should take a look at the video below…

“Consider this my audition for The Simpsons,” announces Baker before reeling off impressions of Ned Flanders, Mr Burns, Waylon Smithers, Kent Brockman, Reverend Lovejoy and more, although there’s one notable absence to his repertoire – Principal Skinner, one of Shearer’s best-known creations:


“If I couldn’t do the voice or couldn’t even come close to the voice, I didn’t include it,” explains Baker. D’oh!

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