Could the League of Gentlemen be reuniting?

League alumnus Reece Shearsmith sets the hares running with his enigmatic tweet about an imminent announcement

It’s the news that would get fans popping into their local shop and buying a celebratory packet of the special stuff.


Could the League of Gentlemen be getting back together?

Reece Shearsmith, one of the three on-screen League comedians, has posted a picture of himself alongside Mark Gatiss and Steve Pemberton on Twitter with the enigmatic message: “There might be some news about these people – coming soon. Keep em peeled.”

The comment has already prompted some excitement with one fan tweeting: “MORE LEAGUE? My eyes are peeled.”

Another added: “It has been too long, Dave. Make it so,” a catchphrase of one of the show’s bizarre characters, Papa Lazarou.

The BBC – which broadcast the pitch-black comedy series until 2002 – were a little mystified when I called and a spokesman said that the show was not currently on any BBC development list.

However, one potential theory is that Shearsmith and co are be doing what a lot of established BBC talent has been doing lately – and taking the show to those moneybags at Sky.

Or perhaps they’re following in the footsteps of Alan Partridge and The Fast Show and reuniting for a series of online comedy shorts via lager-sponsored site Foster’s Funny.

Only time will tell. What we do know is that Pemberton and Shearsmith are already working together on a BBC anthology of horror stories, Inside Number 9, a follow up to the-award-winning Psychoville.

“Inside No 9 invites you into six very different No 9s, where the ordinary and mundane rub shoulders with the extraordinary and macabre,” says the BBC.