Cookie Monster reimagines Harry Potter as Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies

“Boy oh boy oh boy, oh boy. How me get the Goblet of Cookies?”

He has previously produced such masterpieces as The Hunger Games: Catching Fur and The Lord of the Crumbs, but now superstar director the Cookie Monster has reimagined JK Rowling’s Harry Potter in a way only he could. Taking on the fourth film, The Goblet of Fire, the Sesame Street star’s production company Crumby Productions has retold the classic boy wizard tale as “Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies”. It is as amazing as it sounds.


The Cookie Monster’s six minute vision shares similarities with director Mike Newell’s film portrayal of the book back in 2005, although notably with a heavier focus on cookie-based themes. In Goblet of Cookies, Furry Potter is told by Professor Crumblemore about an enchanted chalice that holds a secret stash of mysterious biscuits.

“Boy oh boy oh boy, oh boy. How me get the Goblet of Cookies?” Cookie Monster asks during the clip, as he learns he must face a series of intellectually stimulating challenges in order to reach the forbidden confectioneries. In the books, they take the form of tackling a dragon, in the reinterpretation, Cookie Monster has to put dragon-shaped cookies into the correct pot.


JK Rowling will no doubt be kicking herself, when she sees how her fantasy series could have played out with Cookie Monster’s creative input.