Comedy Central launches South Park on-demand in the UK

Pay-to-view online service features the current season alongside 50 of the best archived episodes

South Park fans will be pleased to hear about the newly-launched South Park On Demand service, offering paid access to the latest transmissions as well as 50 of the “funniest episodes” from the South Park archive, voted for by viewers.


The project marks a joint venture between Viacom-owned Comedy Central UK and South Park Digital Studios, set up by show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  The classic adventures of Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny will include the Emmy award-winning episodes ‘Make Love, Not Warcraft’ and ‘Imaginationland’.

Episodes will be made available within 24 hours of airing, with users charged £2 to watch unlimited material for 24 hours, or £3 for 7 days of content. As well as offering catch-up TV, beginning with the current season 16, the selected classic episodes will change monthly based on user feedback.

“We are launching South Park On Demand in response to the huge demand that we have experienced on our sites for full-length episodes of this iconic show,” explained Philip O’Ferral, Senior Vice President Digital at Viacom International Media Networks.


Tony Crowe, Comedy Central UK VP for business development, added, “the South Park audience is always connected and using multiple platforms to access content. We developed South Park On Demand to provide the easiest way for fans to instantly access what they are looking for”.