Cold Feet viewers praise “phenomenal ending” as ITV series finishes on a high

Laughter, tension and a hostage situation meant the ITV series went out with a bang


Could it do it? Could Cold Feet really prove its return after over a decade was worth it? Twitter says: abso-bloody-lutely yes.


The final episode of the series was packed with wedding proposals, an emotional coming out – and a hostage situation.

Yes, after leaving Leaving Tina’s (Leanne Best) surprise party with friend Pete (John Thomson) in search for more drinks, Adam (James Nesbitt) ran into an armed robbery. One that some viewers thought he wouldn’t see through.

Luckily, turns out the gun was only a fake and Adam and Pete got away. And that, for many viewers, was the perfect end to the series.

But then viewers has to deal with the all-crushing truth of it all: Cold Feet has now finished its current run.


But Cold Feet IS coming back with series seven next year. And we can’t wait.