Charlie Sheen drops Selma Blair from Anger Management by text message?

The former Two and a Half Men star may have found a novel way to cast aside unwanted co-stars

There are plenty of fun ways to tell someone they’re fired. A P45 in a Christmas cracker, a ‘you’re fired’ cupcake, a pointed firing finger, à la Lord Sugar in The Apprentice… why go the old-fashioned route of a stuffy meeting with HR?


It seems Charlie Sheen may be of the same mind, following reports that he told Anger Management co-star Selma Blair she was out of the sitcom via text message.

There was apparently a fair bit of swearing in Sheen’s text, sources close to the show told E! news. 

Whether Sheen should actually be telling stars they’re out of the show is unclear, but producers later confirmed Blair would indeed be leaving.

Blair, who played Sheen’s on-screen therapist in the show, is said to be unfazed by the sudden change to her working arrangements. A source told E! news she’s “at peace to be off the show”, suggesting the atmosphere had become “toxic”.


It’s thought a new female role will be cast, but not as a replacement for Selma’s character.