Charlie Brooker to host Weekly Wipe on BBC2

The outspoken journalist and TV personality will be exploring everything from news to video games in a brand new show

Good news for anyone who’s been missing Charlie Brooker’s acerbic and insightful Wipe programmes – the Guardian columnist is to front a new BBC comedy show called Weekly Wipe with Charlie Brooker.


In the new series, which will launch on BBC2 in 2013, Brooker will be scrutinising newspaper headlines, TV shows, adverts, films, books, video games, social media trends and YouTube phenomena.

As in Screenwipe and Newswipe, Brooker will be joined in each episode of Weekly Wipe by celebrity guests and US comedian Doug Stanhope will also be on hand with regular contributions throughout the run.

Brooker said: “Every week we’ll be looking at TV, games, ‘things in the ether’, the online world, and anything and everything in between. And if we need to pad the show out a bit, we’ll probably review egg whisks too.”

The six-part series will be preceded by Broooker’s now-traditional end-of-year Wipe special, in which he’ll explore key events from the last year including the London Olympics, the US election, the Diamond Jubilee and Hurricane Sandy.


Newswipe won the British Comedy Award for best entertainment programme in 2010, and last year’s special, 2011 Wipe, earned Brooker and his producers a Bafta nomination.