Channel 4 plans new comedy set in a boys’ public school

The re-election of David Cameron has given added urgency to the new comedy pilot, says a C4 insider

The re-election of David Cameron could spell trouble for Channel 4 – after all, the Prime Minister’s new culture secretary John Whittingdale tried (unsuccessfully) to table an amendment to the 1996 Broadcasting Bill to have the broadcaster privatised and may try again.


But the return of Dave has one bonus: a C4 insider says it has added urgency and relevance to a new comedy set in a private boarding school that the channel is planning.

Anarchic comedy trio WitTank are making a pilot for E4 based partly on their stage act Old School Secrets.

Performed by the troupe – Naz Osmanoglu, Mark Cooper-Jones and Kieran Boyd – it’s set in “the ostentatiously furnished corridors of The School …an unsettling relic of empire, where maniacal masters rub tweedy shoulders with sharp-tongued scoundrels, and mystery and misrule abound.” 

According to the insider: “It’s not David Cameron the comedy but with five more years of Conservative rule and a Prime Minister and Chancellor who went to private school, it’s done the show’s chances of getting commissioned no harm”.


We’re sure The School sounds nothing like Eton, though.