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Cats and dogs are helping Ricky Gervais campaign for an Emmy

They're sup-paw-ting a very special campaign for Special Correspondents

Published: Monday, 23rd May 2016 at 9:54 am

Canvassing industry insiders is common practice among TV stars who want to nab themselves an award nomination but Ricky Gervais has really raised the bar when it comes to campaigning for an Emmy nomination – by getting cats and dogs to do it for him.


The comedian and well-known animal lover has enlisted the help of his online legion of four legged friends to nab a nomination for his Netflix film, Special Correspondents.

The flick, about a pair of radio broadcasters (Gervias and Eric Bana) who transmit fake war zone reports from their apartment only to end up in the middle of an actual war zone when they fake their own kidnapping, was released in April.

Gervais sent out a call via his Twitter account and he’s not been short of replies.

Pets posed with their own campaign posters

Some made their very own political promises

A few got REALLY into it…

And others weren’t quite as enthusiastic…


It's a furry good effort on their part, though. And whether it works or not, it's a truly heartwarming tail...


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