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Caitlin Moran launches campaign to save Raised by Wolves as Channel 4 cancels comedy after two series

"When life gives you a massive kick in the knackers, you make massive kick in the knackers-ade"

Published: Tuesday, 9th August 2016 at 10:05 am

Raised by Wolves has been cancelled by Channel 4 after two series, can reveal.


Confirming the news that the show would not be recommissioned, C4 said: "We are incredibly proud of launching Raised by Wolves and introducing the exploits of Della, Germaine, Aretha and their family to audiences, however Channel 4 is committed to a range of brand new series for next year. We wish Caitlin, Caz and our friends at Big Talk all the best."

The comedy – written by Caitlin Moran and her sister Caz – first aired in 2013 and was loosely based on the siblings' own upbringing in Wolverhampton but set in the modern day. Starring Rebekah Staton, Helen Monks and Alexa Davies, the series charted the exploits of single mother Della Garry and her family, focusing on oldest sisters Germaine and Athena.

The news of its cancellation has prompted Moran and the team behind the comedy to launch a campaign – #upthewolves – with the hope of the series living on in another format.

Moran said it was currently the “only TV series in Britain by and about working class women, which is pretty damn poor when you think about it”.

The show’s producer, Big Talk Productions, added that the Moran sisters “still have amazing stories they are desperate to tell” and said it would take a “step into the unknown... in this brave new digital world”. understands that Raised By Wolves will not find its new home on another traditional broadcaster after approaches were unsuccessful, but will instead focus on alternative routes to continue the story. Exactly what form that will take is not yet clear, although options include taking it forward as an on-demand series or as a web-series.

The campaign – which launches today – has initial plans to drive supporters to tweet #upthewolves and like the show's Facebook page to be "part of the Raised by Wolves team".

"Of course Raised By Wolves isn't going to go away," Moran assures fans. "Every other show would give in but we believe when life gives you a massive kick in the knackers, you make massive kick in the knackers-ade.

"So, we've got a plan... Stand with us – or sit if it's been a long day and you're lower back's going – and you will be the first to know what's happening next because something is going to happen."


The series wouldn't be the first to be rescued as a result of fan campaigning. Back in 2014, Ripper Street was picked up by Amazon after the online upset to its cancellation by BBC led to a concerted campaign from its fanbase. Amazon Instant Video has since aired two further series of the period drama with a third and final outing expected next year.


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