Britney Spears to guest star in Jane the Virgin and the cast is V excited

The pop princess has made lead actress Gina Rodriquez's 90s dreams come true...

Britney Spears is going to guest star in series two of US comedy Jane the Virgin (shown in the UK on E4), and the show’s cast is freaking out.


The pop star tweeted at the series’ stars Gina Rodriquez and Jaime Camil saying “see you at the Marbella Hotel soon” – the setting of most of the action – adding that the show was one of her favourites and this guest spot was a “dream come true.”

Although Spears wasn’t the only one left deliriously happy by her new role. The Toxic singer’s casting was also a dream come true for 31-year-old Rodriquez who plays lead character Jane, a trainee teacher who gets artificially inseminated by accident.

The actress reacted in the way that all 90s kids would respond if they were about to hang out with Britney…

Appearing in episode five of series two, Britney will play the “nemesis” of Jane’s Telenovela superstar father (played by Jamie Camil), trying to out-diva him. Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman said: “Personally, after hearing about their long standing feud (from Rogelio’s point of view), we are eager to hear Ms. Spears’ side of the story, which we assume is quite different. #TeamBritney.”

This isn’t Britney’s first TV cameo, with a turn as Ted’s admirer in How I Met Your Mother, a spell as a TV host on Will and Grace, and appearances as herself in Kenan and Kel and Glee.


Whether you’re a fan of the Jane the Virgin or not, it sounds like this cameo will be a rather fabulous watch. #TeamBritney. Always.