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Britney stars say they’re “ready to go” if BBC commissions full series

Britney stars and creators Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson have said that they have a full series planned.

Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson in Britney
Published: Monday, 6th December 2021 at 5:48 pm

Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson, the stars of BBC Three comedy Britney, have said that they're "ready to go" with a full series if the broadcaster commissions more episodes.


The comedy-drama pilot, which follows Charly and Ellen's friendship in the aftermath of Charly's brain tumour diagnosis, has received rave reviews since arriving on BBC iPlayer last week and stars creators Clive and Robertson alongside Omid Djalili, Tony Gardner and Lia Williams.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, the pair said that they're yet to hear whether the pilot, which is based on their live show of the same name, will be returning for a full series.

"We're constantly looking at our phones, just expecting it to ring and it to be a man holding a check," Clive said. "We just don't know and we don't know at all how long any of this stuff takes. I think people thought that it would come out and then the BBC would ring up five minutes later or something, so lots of people assume that we know and we just don't know."

When asked whether the rest of the series has been written, Robertson said: "We have outlined it all and we have a lot of the jokes written in our heads and we know what happens in the story – Charly survives!

"But we can't bear to commit it to paper until we know that it's for something."

Clive added: "We know it all and we are ready to go. As soon as we hopefully get the green light, then we are going to be tapping away. Well, Ellen will because I genuinely cannot use a computer to save my life but I'll be there occasionally chipping in."

The comedy, which is based on Clive and Robertson's real-life friendship and experiences, sees Charly and Ellen fight for their friendship after Charly is diagnosed with a brain tumour, which they name Britney.


Britney is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Drama hub for the latest news.


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